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This is my last blog for my Emerging Media course.  It is a bittersweet ending for this blog about social media, new technologies and emerging technology crazes.  This is not to say that I will not continue to blog, but the blog will become more informal and on more random subjects. 

This blog has taught me quite a bit.  I realized how much technology actually impacts me, and everything I do.  I realized that I have grown up with emerging technologies and media.  I often though that this is the era of emerging technology but throughout this course I have realized that we are always in a realm of emerging technology.  Radio was emerging at one point, landline telephones were emerging at one point, and even the light bulb was new technology in its time! Take all this into perspective and one can sit back and wonder what people will be saying in thirty years at our critiques about all these  ‘emerging media’ ideas.

Soon the Ipad will be like the first SEGA and a smartphone will be as funny as the original ‘brick’ cell phone that Zack Morris carries in the television show, Saved by the Bell. If you ask what that show is I will cry!

I hope that future classes like this one will blog about their experiences and critique all these changing ways.  In our class, each person brought various strengths to the course encouraging and informing the rest of us.  Speakers were brought in and opened our views to a virtual world of resumes and proved that paper will no longer cut it.  Finally, the assigned readings further proved (in case you were not receptive to everything else and needed to have a tangible book in your hand as proof, however you could purchase the E-reader versions of all of these) that in a world where everyone wants to know everything about you, you have to be open and responsive to the new methods of putting yourself out there.

Thank you readers for reading! I hope you have a happy holiday season! This is my blog and I can say it loudly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I will blog more in the future, but you might get a new spin on my ramblings!


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