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Reba's Rambles
I made a big purchase, like huge, like I had to go have a beer before I could sign on the dotted line.  However, I have experienced no buyer’s remorse.  My first question with this purchase is the same as last week; do I need it or just want it?

I need a new computer but do I need all the amenities of the MacBook Pro? The answer, YES! So here is the thing, this computer has everything I need without having to buy additional software to install in order to do the editing I need to for projects I am working on.  ßHello run-on sentence!

Moving on, I can easily transfer everything off of my old computer and onto my new one without problems.  It also is compatible with all the editing software I will be using on Marquette’s campus.  Seemingly this is a win/win situation.  

I took my roommate with to encourage me that this was a wise decision.  I hate spending money and for this large purchase I needed a friend’s hand. I enter the apple store and it was amazing! I was suddenly surrounded by all of these amazing pieces of technology and every sales person was eager to help.  Although I had previously done my research for which computer would best suit my needs, I talked to an employee to make sure they agreed.  They confirmed what I suspected and now the big decision was to be made.  

I needed the concept of this purchase to sink in so I opted to walk around for a bit and come back.  I asked for the salespersons card and he handed it to me but assured me that anyone would help me when I came back.  They do not work on commission and they want to make sure everyone gets the assistance they need.  Can someone say CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Bravo APPLE!!! 

Seriously I was impressed, so to make a long story short (or not so short for what is already written) I made the purchase.  I love this computer.  There is a learning curve but that comes with anything! 

Although I knew I needed a computer and would most likely go with an Apple product it was not just the product that sold me.  The customer service was top notch, the help great and the online support and information given made me an informed consumer that could make an educated decision.  Apple has figured this industry out and I give them five stars!! 

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