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*Before you read this I do not pretend to be the least bit objective and completely opinionated.  I do not wish to offend but it is my pure opinion analysis of the article mentioned*


 I currently read an article that a friend sent me.  This article suggested that the Harry Potter movies are better than the books.  Read it here!  I see so many issues with this article it is not even funny.  The article gives 5 reasons that the movies are better than the books.  Here is a small recap of what fans have told author Joal Ryan why the movies are are better:


1.Confusing but I think the author is trying to make the point that the movies can be a reinterpretation of the novel (also suggesting that Harry is a ‘hormonal’ teen, necessary?).


2. Movie magic adds the excitement that the book can’t give.


3. Quidditch, because the movies add their magic.


4. Brevity vs. the long-winded author J.K. Rowling (Ryan believes the editors need to do a better job cutting it down).


5. Cedric Diggory vs. Robert Pattinson.  (Ryan suggests that Robert Pattinson makes this role. Perhaps his writing of the “OMG!!!” is what makes this point valid?).


How could people believe this to be true? Did the contributors to this article actually read the books or do they suggest that the movies are better based on a purely ignorant standpoint? Honestly, I cannot believe that someone could suggest that a movie is better than a book. 


A book can fuel a person’s imagination for hours.  Picturing scenes, characters, conversations, and attitudes.  Now I have to admit I have not read all of the Harry Potter books.  I am currently half way through the fifth book but based on what I have read, many parts have been left out.  Relationships are not fully developed from what they could be and explanations of artifacts not discovered. 


I am not bashing the movies.  Movies do give a great experience for those who do not have the time to enjoy the books, and no one should miss out on the magical stories by J. K. Rowling.  Here are the reasons that I thing the ones mentioned above are wrong!


1.     Reinterpretation of the book sure, but not the interpretation of the characters and events that were in my mind.  Why suggest that someone else’s imagination is better than mine, or better than a middle school child reading the books?

2.     Movie magic does add a lot, but it misses a lot too! Movies have time restraints, your imagination does not.

3.     Sure Quidditch is amazing in the movies but exactly how does this cancel out the book? I feel this argument is not developed.

4.     Brevity? Really? Read the books and tell me you do not appreciate the explicit detail put in every inch of these books.  There is a reason J. K. Rowling is paid what she does and why the books are so popular.  Please show me where all these people are that love the movies better than the books!!!

5.     Robert Pattinson is really your best point for suggesting that these movies are better than the books?! I won’t even go into the ridiculousness of the “OMG!!!” comment.


So you see my opinion.  Feel free to create your own but I suggest reading some of the books before you jump the gun and go for the movies over the books.  Let us remember how to use our own imaginations and take us back to that innocent state of creating these stories in our dreams.


I agree completely - I think that movie "interpretations" are great for people who aren't big readers, but quite often don't do the book justice. I'm always bothered when characters in movies don't match the version in my head :)


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