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I know I am supposed to write about emerging media, but something has captured my attention and stunned me.  Note it is a rare occurrence where I am completely shocked by something, but today was that occasion. 

Today I went to see the movie “Social Network”.  A fantastic movie mind you, time flew by and at the end I found myself saying, “Whoa, I am a part of that!”  The movie left me wondering who the select people are that set Facebook over 500,000 members, 1,000,000 members and so on.  They must know and have it written down somewhere! What would happen if you knew, you were in fact the millionth person to join Facebook?! I feel you should get a share of stock or some sort of recognition!

Beyond the fact that the movie was fantastic I was blown away by the theater.  Moving to Milwaukee from Northern MN the price of a movie increased dramatically.  This is the main reason I have not seen a movie since my move August 1st, however today I regret this.  Apparently emerging technologies are regional.  My hometown, not a small town mind you, is lacking in the field of having an amazing theater! I would not mind at all paying the extra money to have a comfortable seat, with enough leg room, sound system and visual display enough to feel you were in the room with the characters themselves!

This theater not only had popcorn; they had a smorgasbord of delectable treats for everyone! They had tea, coffee, icee’s, pizza, hotdogs, soup, nachos, candy, popcorn, and so much more! Since when did the movies turn into this?! Walking into the theater my jaw dropped; beautiful seats that fit your back and allow you to have your own space and not share the seat with the person next to you. 

So I wonder why this is a regional phenomena of updating and bringing theaters into the new age.   I know they are popular enough back home to support such a move, and why have some theaters in Northern MN not even reupholstered the seats since the grand opening in 1994 with the Lion King!

I am so excited to see another movie it is sickening, although I do recommend the 10:10am showing, $5! Who wants to catch a flick?!

10/28/2010 02:34:48

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