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This week I was given the chance to play with an IPad.  My excitement of playing with this new device could be compared to the student that gets to hold the class pet for the first time in elementary school.  The light weight, rectangular, shiny piece of technology I held in my hands made me almost squeal in excitement. 

Many thoughts ran through my mind while I used this piece of equipment:

Do I need it?                                            Would I waste time playing with it?

 Why is it better than my computer?      Is it realistic for me?

Could it replace my computer?              Are there improvements that need to be
                                                                               done to it?

After using the IPad for the better of two hours I found it to be amazing.  However, no matter how amazing it is, I do not need it.  The IPad could not replace my computer.  There are just some things I can do on my computer that I would not be able to do on the IPad or could not do easily. 

Another issue I have with the IPad is that however convenient it is as a device, I have to pay additional for everything! I get a sour taste in my mouth when I pay for a device and then cannot use the entirety of the device until I pay for more applications.  I would love to try and read a book on this device.  I consider it more ‘reader friendly’ than a computer and because it is larger than a kindle I feel I would like it better than reading on various E-readers.  After being amazing with the quality of the display and wasting a significant amount of time watching hilarious videos, I think I would get distracted easily.  I also do not like the fact that it is not flash compatible. 

The device is not realistic for me.  Sure I would like one, but I don’t need one.  If I were to be traveling and having to give presentations or pitches I think this device would be a god-send.  I can see it being very useful and convenient for people who can use all the functions of it, for me I would rather save my money and buy a new MacBook Air.  Oh my I am starting to really like apple products!



Nice post! I agree with most of your comments. You got that computer, didn't you?


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