Reba's Rambles
I remember when I was a kid and Friday would hit. I was so excited to get done with school and go rent a movie for the weekend.  My brother and I would decide if first we wanted to go to Video Vision or Hollywood Video, then if we had a coupon and could get more than one movie, then the debate of dinner.  I think we should have just bought Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls for how many times we rented it. 

So now you are wondering why I bring this up.  My roommate and I have a Netflix subscription.  In our quest to find the movie we wanted to watch, Ace Ventura was brought up in our conversation and brought me back to running into the video store to rent it. 

In a day where everything is readily available for us to use, I find Netflix to be fantastic! Not only can I rent Ace Ventura via DVD through the mail, I can watch it directly on my computer.  I wanted to see what else I could watch from time past.  To my surprise there were all the cartoons, (Rugrats, Loonytoons, Doug,The Jetsons) the amazing shows, (Saved By the Bell, Walker Texas ranger, The Cosby’s) and so much more!

How wonderful is it to pay a monthly fee and watch most of the movies instantly on your computer and any other movie in about two days.  New releases come out in a timely manner and if I have to wait a couple weeks, I don’t really mind.  I love the convenience of this business. 

When I was a kid it was routine to go to the video store and rent a movie, I am over the routine. I prefer the convenience and reliability of this service. An emerging service that is trumping others in the business, Netflix is on its way up while video rental stores are on their way out.

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