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I am a fan of technology love the ease of everything at my fingertips but there are flaws…. For some odd reason, perhaps that it is the end of the semester and I am stressed, I want to pick on the ease of technology.


Let’s look at Amazon, I love Amazon.  Seriously, I purchase all my books from their site because it is easy, efficient, cheap, and reliable.  So what am I crowing about right?! Well let me tell you.  All this ease that comes with having an Amazon account also comes with its consequences. For example, I want to watch a movie, I don’t own the movie, I look on Amazon and it is $1.50 for a used one with a very good quality rating. I say sweet, pay the $3 in shipping and suddenly I spent $5 I was not planning on spending! Yes, I received a good deal but when this happens too frequently it is not such a good thing, however it is not till after that I go hmmm not such a good idea.  I would not call my situation an issue but some people get addicted to this!


I now want to talk about Facebook.  I am fascinated by social networks in general, however, Facebook takes the cake! I am not worried about potential employers seeing anything I put online.  I am not a person that has all this inappropriate information on any profile, nor pictures of me intoxicated and dancing on a bar.  I am not sure why people put these pictures on online profiles and don’t just keep them for themselves but to each their own.  That being said, I still do not want an employer looking at pictures of all my friends and I at the beach or on vacation.  My twitter account is open; my LinkedIn account is open, so why must you see my Facebook? I don’t get it, google me, read my blog, twitter and LinkedIn but leave the Facebook alone.  I get that you shouldn’t put anything out there that you don’t want others to see and I don’t.  I am just curious as to when wanting to keep to some things in your life private for friends meant that they were inappropriate?


See my dilemma! It truly is a love/hate relationship.  However, it is not a relationship I am breaking up with anytime soon!


Until next time! 

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