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It seems that wedding season has shifted to be year-round.  Friends are getting engaged left and right, weddings are no longer only held during the beautiful summer months, and I can keep track of everyone’s wedding organization by the click of a URL.

Long ago are the days of a wedding book, keeping every bride sane with planning.   Instead, there are online tools to aid, paper free, in planning bliss.  I honestly can see no wrong with this new age organization. 

Benefits as a guest:

As a guest, I can follow the progress and feel like I am a part of the event.  If I lose the invitation I do not have to worry because I can log on and RSVP, see where the event is, what time it starts and if it is a cash bar or not. Wondering who is in the bridal party or what the colors are? Look online!  If I cannot make it to the wedding there are online guest books that guests can sign and leave their endearments for the happy couple.  Have questions of where to stay for the event? The bride or groom can upload links to where I can make reservations.

Benefits as a bride/groom:

As a bride or groom these online tools are priceless.  All of your organization is at your fingertips no matter where you go.   Not only is everything together but you can access it via a mobile phone if you have an internet connection.  Guys, there are no longer the excuses of you not wanting to mess up the ‘book’ by looking at it, you can help too! Most couples want the guests to know their ‘story’. What is better than a web-page all about you and your experiences together? Guests can know his side of the story and her side of the story.  The couple can share who is in their wedding party and the importance of each person to them.  Some of these sites can even be linked to an online registry for the couple!

All in all, I would say this is a fantastic development of our ever changing technology.  In a world where convenience is golden, this is at the top of the heap for those who are ready to start the rest of their lives together.


I totally agree! I've actually been thinking about this recently. I didn't realize until starting to plan my own wedding how much there is online! It's almost overwhelming, but it's a great place to go to get ideas. And I love how you can make a wedding web site... makes things more interactive for guests. Great idea for a blog!


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