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Reba's Rambles
Technology…Love it? Hate it? Gotta have it? Personally I love technology.  I am horrible at multitasking and wish I was better at it.  If you grabbed my old phone you would laugh. I am the person that has the ducted tape phone that I only text and call with and nothing else.  However, this weekend took a spin in an all new direction! I have moved a tiny baby-step in the technology savvy era.  I have an IPhone! (the 2G, don’t get carried away with that IPhone 4 business here!)

IPhone + Reba = Learning Curve

This phone was a gift from a friend who purchased the new IPhone 4 and wanted to give her old one to a person who really needed it.  She laughed at me when I told her I was taking an emerging media class yet was stuck with a phone that was probably last noticed with the girls from SATC, before the movie.  Everyone keeps telling me it is so easy to use, it is the same as the ‘touch’ but it is a phone.  I consider myself fairly good with technology but this phone is a whole new deal!

My loves of the phone: seemingly user friendly, internet access, calculator, notes, calendar, music

My worries of the phone: touch and no buttons, thin, all screen, no second chance when dropped

Apple stands under the innovation tree

I talk to my friends and everyone has all these experiences with what I call “I” equipment.  Apple continues to be in the front lines when talking about innovation and the latest with computers and mobile devices.  Although they continue to come out with all the latest devices, I appreciate the cross adaptability between the old and new pieces.  I have an IPhone that is three models out, yet it works fine, perhaps not as fast as the new ones but it works well.  The same holds true for my older models of the IPod.  Apple, I applaud you in your efforts to connect both your consumers that keep up with your innovation and those, like me, who choose to take our time and enjoy the ride.


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