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This week I opened up a new book.  I felt the spine break open, smelled the freshness of pages not yet read and curled up with a blanket and pillows to read.  I love turning the pages, marking where I left off, and seeing the progress as I go through the book.  When I was finished reading for the night and put my book down, I wondered… how would all this change if I had purchased the E-book?

The pro’s of an E-book

    - Pages will not bend                             - Environmentally friendly
    - Accessibility                                        - Cross references to web pages
    - Multiple books on one device             - Easier note taking

The pro’s of a Paper book

    -Easily obtainable                                 -Easily portable
    -No eye strain                                       -Pretty cheap                                    
The con’s of an E-book
    -If you spill it could be the end of the device-eye strain
     -Lighting issues, although the kindle now advertises it is no longer an 
      issue for reading

    -Initial start up costs if you buy a reading device like the kindle

The Con’s of a Paper book

    -Bulky and heavy                                          -Only carry a few at a time
    -If you make a note it is there to stay          -Need light to read it

Clearly there are pro’s and con’s to both paper back and E-books. I personally still enjoy a good book; I love the smell, feel and ability to turn a page.  I see the convenience of having all the books on one device and realize that the general population will start to move towards this earth friendly device. Until I personally use one, I am not sad that I get to curl up with a paper book. 

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