Reba's Rambles
This is my last blog for my Emerging Media course.  It is a bittersweet ending for this blog about social media, new technologies and emerging technology crazes.  This is not to say that I will not continue to blog, but the blog will become more informal and on more random subjects. 

This blog has taught me quite a bit.  I realized how much technology actually impacts me, and everything I do.  I realized that I have grown up with emerging technologies and media.  I often though that this is the era of emerging technology but throughout this course I have realized that we are always in a realm of emerging technology.  Radio was emerging at one point, landline telephones were emerging at one point, and even the light bulb was new technology in its time! Take all this into perspective and one can sit back and wonder what people will be saying in thirty years at our critiques about all these  ‘emerging media’ ideas.

Soon the Ipad will be like the first SEGA and a smartphone will be as funny as the original ‘brick’ cell phone that Zack Morris carries in the television show, Saved by the Bell. If you ask what that show is I will cry!

I hope that future classes like this one will blog about their experiences and critique all these changing ways.  In our class, each person brought various strengths to the course encouraging and informing the rest of us.  Speakers were brought in and opened our views to a virtual world of resumes and proved that paper will no longer cut it.  Finally, the assigned readings further proved (in case you were not receptive to everything else and needed to have a tangible book in your hand as proof, however you could purchase the E-reader versions of all of these) that in a world where everyone wants to know everything about you, you have to be open and responsive to the new methods of putting yourself out there.

Thank you readers for reading! I hope you have a happy holiday season! This is my blog and I can say it loudly, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I will blog more in the future, but you might get a new spin on my ramblings!


I am a fan of technology love the ease of everything at my fingertips but there are flaws…. For some odd reason, perhaps that it is the end of the semester and I am stressed, I want to pick on the ease of technology.


Let’s look at Amazon, I love Amazon.  Seriously, I purchase all my books from their site because it is easy, efficient, cheap, and reliable.  So what am I crowing about right?! Well let me tell you.  All this ease that comes with having an Amazon account also comes with its consequences. For example, I want to watch a movie, I don’t own the movie, I look on Amazon and it is $1.50 for a used one with a very good quality rating. I say sweet, pay the $3 in shipping and suddenly I spent $5 I was not planning on spending! Yes, I received a good deal but when this happens too frequently it is not such a good thing, however it is not till after that I go hmmm not such a good idea.  I would not call my situation an issue but some people get addicted to this!


I now want to talk about Facebook.  I am fascinated by social networks in general, however, Facebook takes the cake! I am not worried about potential employers seeing anything I put online.  I am not a person that has all this inappropriate information on any profile, nor pictures of me intoxicated and dancing on a bar.  I am not sure why people put these pictures on online profiles and don’t just keep them for themselves but to each their own.  That being said, I still do not want an employer looking at pictures of all my friends and I at the beach or on vacation.  My twitter account is open; my LinkedIn account is open, so why must you see my Facebook? I don’t get it, google me, read my blog, twitter and LinkedIn but leave the Facebook alone.  I get that you shouldn’t put anything out there that you don’t want others to see and I don’t.  I am just curious as to when wanting to keep to some things in your life private for friends meant that they were inappropriate?


See my dilemma! It truly is a love/hate relationship.  However, it is not a relationship I am breaking up with anytime soon!


Until next time! 
Oh thanksgiving! I love this holiday: food, family, friends, pets, snow.  Okay so some of you may not have snow but where I come from a Thanksgiving snowstorm is a staple. Beyond the snow think about Thanksgiving traditions…think about the foods, the process, the cutting of the bird.  Perhaps the dinner has always been held at mom’s place or grandma’s place.  I personally am excited for the day I get to hold it at my own place.  A small graduate apartment is not the ideal place for thanksgiving but someday I will host this holiday and when it happens I will be prepared! 

So this blog is about emerging media and Thanksgiving this year crowned emerging media! How you ask? Well simply log online and all the advice you need was given from how to baste a turkey to how to crimp the dough on the piecrust.  If you were in a crisis on the big day, log onto the jenny-o webpage and all the online advice was there for the perfect bird.  Tweets were abound on the process, how to’s, and more.  I found none of these annoying and embraced the information for one day hosting my own. 

The best part of this Thanksgiving was being in the kitchen with my mom.  Although technology, blog posts, web pages, tweets and others were telling me how to create the best thanksgiving, I feel I learned best from Mom.  This year took it to another level; I was allowed to cut the bird.  A few cuts along the grain the right way, a few laughs and some spilled green bean hot-dish later it was a fantastic thanksgiving, without any technology telling me how.  However, if you need the help, embrace it! The help is there for a reason! Happy Holidays!!