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This week I was given the chance to play with an IPad.  My excitement of playing with this new device could be compared to the student that gets to hold the class pet for the first time in elementary school.  The light weight, rectangular, shiny piece of technology I held in my hands made me almost squeal in excitement. 

Many thoughts ran through my mind while I used this piece of equipment:

Do I need it?                                            Would I waste time playing with it?

 Why is it better than my computer?      Is it realistic for me?

Could it replace my computer?              Are there improvements that need to be
                                                                               done to it?

After using the IPad for the better of two hours I found it to be amazing.  However, no matter how amazing it is, I do not need it.  The IPad could not replace my computer.  There are just some things I can do on my computer that I would not be able to do on the IPad or could not do easily. 

Another issue I have with the IPad is that however convenient it is as a device, I have to pay additional for everything! I get a sour taste in my mouth when I pay for a device and then cannot use the entirety of the device until I pay for more applications.  I would love to try and read a book on this device.  I consider it more ‘reader friendly’ than a computer and because it is larger than a kindle I feel I would like it better than reading on various E-readers.  After being amazing with the quality of the display and wasting a significant amount of time watching hilarious videos, I think I would get distracted easily.  I also do not like the fact that it is not flash compatible. 

The device is not realistic for me.  Sure I would like one, but I don’t need one.  If I were to be traveling and having to give presentations or pitches I think this device would be a god-send.  I can see it being very useful and convenient for people who can use all the functions of it, for me I would rather save my money and buy a new MacBook Air.  Oh my I am starting to really like apple products!


Something has been bothering me for the past few days.  I have been pondering the word ‘friend’.  I was thinking about all the friends in my life and how some are truly just acquaintances. 

Think about all the social networks in which you communicate.   There are so many people that I communicate with and yet I consider very few truly friends.  I jump on Facebook and I have many friends, I go to LinkedIn and there are more, and let’s not forget all my Tweeps on Twitter.  So really I have many so called ‘friends’. 

The reason I bring this up today is I thought I saw someone who I have only communicated with via social networks.  I found it odd to try to talk to them in person and simply opted out. 

Am I the only person to experience this? Am I the only one that feels that how you know me on the internet and through social networks could be a bit different than real life? How do you interpret my statuses and tweets? Do you understand my sarcasm? Inflection cannot really be expressed through writing to show sarcasm and intent, perhaps I am coming off as cross or giddy. 

Could the problem be that I am open with my accounts and let most people be my friend and read my tweets?  Maybe all of you are more selective with who you have as friends and acquaintances.  All these thoughts run through my mind.

Having never experienced this before I have to wonder if others have.  I find it intriguing to start thinking about friends and acquaintances and putting them in ‘human’ and ‘social network’ categories.

Readers I need feedback on this one!

I remember when I was a kid and Friday would hit. I was so excited to get done with school and go rent a movie for the weekend.  My brother and I would decide if first we wanted to go to Video Vision or Hollywood Video, then if we had a coupon and could get more than one movie, then the debate of dinner.  I think we should have just bought Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls for how many times we rented it. 

So now you are wondering why I bring this up.  My roommate and I have a Netflix subscription.  In our quest to find the movie we wanted to watch, Ace Ventura was brought up in our conversation and brought me back to running into the video store to rent it. 

In a day where everything is readily available for us to use, I find Netflix to be fantastic! Not only can I rent Ace Ventura via DVD through the mail, I can watch it directly on my computer.  I wanted to see what else I could watch from time past.  To my surprise there were all the cartoons, (Rugrats, Loonytoons, Doug,The Jetsons) the amazing shows, (Saved By the Bell, Walker Texas ranger, The Cosby’s) and so much more!

How wonderful is it to pay a monthly fee and watch most of the movies instantly on your computer and any other movie in about two days.  New releases come out in a timely manner and if I have to wait a couple weeks, I don’t really mind.  I love the convenience of this business. 

When I was a kid it was routine to go to the video store and rent a movie, I am over the routine. I prefer the convenience and reliability of this service. An emerging service that is trumping others in the business, Netflix is on its way up while video rental stores are on their way out.

Hello to all of you!

I know I am supposed to write about emerging media, but something has captured my attention and stunned me.  Note it is a rare occurrence where I am completely shocked by something, but today was that occasion. 

Today I went to see the movie “Social Network”.  A fantastic movie mind you, time flew by and at the end I found myself saying, “Whoa, I am a part of that!”  The movie left me wondering who the select people are that set Facebook over 500,000 members, 1,000,000 members and so on.  They must know and have it written down somewhere! What would happen if you knew, you were in fact the millionth person to join Facebook?! I feel you should get a share of stock or some sort of recognition!

Beyond the fact that the movie was fantastic I was blown away by the theater.  Moving to Milwaukee from Northern MN the price of a movie increased dramatically.  This is the main reason I have not seen a movie since my move August 1st, however today I regret this.  Apparently emerging technologies are regional.  My hometown, not a small town mind you, is lacking in the field of having an amazing theater! I would not mind at all paying the extra money to have a comfortable seat, with enough leg room, sound system and visual display enough to feel you were in the room with the characters themselves!

This theater not only had popcorn; they had a smorgasbord of delectable treats for everyone! They had tea, coffee, icee’s, pizza, hotdogs, soup, nachos, candy, popcorn, and so much more! Since when did the movies turn into this?! Walking into the theater my jaw dropped; beautiful seats that fit your back and allow you to have your own space and not share the seat with the person next to you. 

So I wonder why this is a regional phenomena of updating and bringing theaters into the new age.   I know they are popular enough back home to support such a move, and why have some theaters in Northern MN not even reupholstered the seats since the grand opening in 1994 with the Lion King!

I am so excited to see another movie it is sickening, although I do recommend the 10:10am showing, $5! Who wants to catch a flick?!

It seems that wedding season has shifted to be year-round.  Friends are getting engaged left and right, weddings are no longer only held during the beautiful summer months, and I can keep track of everyone’s wedding organization by the click of a URL.

Long ago are the days of a wedding book, keeping every bride sane with planning.   Instead, there are online tools to aid, paper free, in planning bliss.  I honestly can see no wrong with this new age organization. 

Benefits as a guest:

As a guest, I can follow the progress and feel like I am a part of the event.  If I lose the invitation I do not have to worry because I can log on and RSVP, see where the event is, what time it starts and if it is a cash bar or not. Wondering who is in the bridal party or what the colors are? Look online!  If I cannot make it to the wedding there are online guest books that guests can sign and leave their endearments for the happy couple.  Have questions of where to stay for the event? The bride or groom can upload links to where I can make reservations.

Benefits as a bride/groom:

As a bride or groom these online tools are priceless.  All of your organization is at your fingertips no matter where you go.   Not only is everything together but you can access it via a mobile phone if you have an internet connection.  Guys, there are no longer the excuses of you not wanting to mess up the ‘book’ by looking at it, you can help too! Most couples want the guests to know their ‘story’. What is better than a web-page all about you and your experiences together? Guests can know his side of the story and her side of the story.  The couple can share who is in their wedding party and the importance of each person to them.  Some of these sites can even be linked to an online registry for the couple!

All in all, I would say this is a fantastic development of our ever changing technology.  In a world where convenience is golden, this is at the top of the heap for those who are ready to start the rest of their lives together.